Italian Song Challenge Day 20: Zucchero

Ok, so I must admit I love Zucchero so I couldn’t help putting him on my list twice.

Other than being one of Italy’s most successful international artists, Zucchero’s blend of Italian blues and songwriting skills make his songs unforgettable parts of the Italian songbook.

You would be hard-pressed to find an Italian who doesn’t have a favourite Zucchero song. His style is always unique, catchy and his voice always gives his songs an emotional intensity which is difficult to ignore.

Occhi (eyes) is a contemplative love song which can be interpreted in many ways.

The eyes are always the windows to the soul so gazing into someone’s eyes can be a journey into sadness, passion, beauty or even disappointment.

This song is romantic, sad and intense all at the same time. Occhi literally gives a real insight into the nature of the human condition and its ability to love, be heartbroken and heal itself all at the same time.

Images c/o Instagram