Italian Song Challenge Day 9: Malika Ayane

Malika Ayane grew up in a multi-ethnic suburb of Milan, with a Moroccan father and Italian mother. She is a classically trained singer and musician.

In 1995 she joined the White Voices Choir at the Teatro La Scala where she sang for seven years. She also studied cello at the Giuseppe Verdi music conservatory in Milan.

Ayane gradually established her career as a singer by beginning recording songs for TV spots. She signed with an independent music label and released her debut single ‘Soul Waver’. The song was re-released in an Italian language version ‘Sospesa’ which was featured in the feature film Letters to Juliet.

In 2008 she released her self-titled studio album, the single from it Feeling Better became a hit on the radio. While another track from the same album Il giardino dei salici was used by Barilla to advertise their brand of pasta on TV.

Ayane has also performed several times as a contestant in the Sanremo song festival. She has written songs for other Italian artists.

Malika Ayane has a deep soulful voice with an immense emotional range, she can move from a sombre downcast tone to energetic joy all in one song. Her music is always creative and recounts wonderfully deep connections and stories.

Wow, is an anthem that demands anyone and everyone to simply be impressed by Malika.

The song is fun, full of energy and upbeat. It shows off her expressive voice while putting you in a good mood for the rest of the day.

This song is about how to take the many moments of every day, which seem dull and repetitive and turn them into a springboard to create something new and exciting.

Images c/o Instagram