Fellini inspired Kindergarden

I’ve recently had a strange first encounter with the Italian school system after taking my son Mattie to kindergarden.

It was quite Felliniesque, which seems apt to life in Sicily really. I now understand where Federico Fellini got his off beat style, I think he simply took things from everyday life and put it under a magnifying glass for the big screen.

The kindergarden looked pretty ordinary, filled with toys and colourful posters on the walls. I talk to one of the two teachers who tells me how Matthias will spend his time.

I then see the other teacher strutting around in an elegant vintage cocktail dress and platform shoes with a string of pearls. Please tell me this really isn’t appropriate attire for a kindy teacher? Perhaps she was in fancy dress and I’m over reacting. Don’t get me wrong she was lovely and had a knack with the children.

Then I was told Mattie will require the following things in his back pack: a hand towel, soap, small tea towel, bottled water, cup, bread roll and snacks. It looks like there are no towels or soap in the bathrooms or table clothes to put on the tables during snack time.

Miss Cocktail Dress then sits down the kids on benches and chairs and puts a CD on and sings songs to them for a good stretch which suggests that things are a little off the cuff.

Don’t get me wrong it’s been years since I’ve had anything to do with Kindergardens but I remember a variety of shot activities, some rules and routines being built, sitting on the mats, plenty of jumping around and physical play and some outside time.

I see Mattie getting bored here.

We only stayed from nine to ten thirty but Mattie seemed to enjoy it more for the fact that it was something new and there were other kids around his age. Next time is going to be a real test, I’ll be leaving him alone with the teachers.

I’m going to try and sneak in a camera, take some shots if I can get away with it. I’m dying to see what Miss Cocktail Dress comes up with next.

Fun times ahead!