Sicula Cuisine

Sicula Cuisine

There is an old Sicilian saying which says on the island there are only two seasons, ‘the good’ and ‘the bad’. In a place of few subtleties, there can only be good or bad and little in between. The seasons are either bountiful or frugal. 

A Sicilian will hibernate in winter and interact with the seasons appropriately, participating in a series of well rehearsed rites. They are very much products of their surroundings, seeking comfort, meaning and a sense of identity from their communities and environment. Sicilian, by birth, by habit and with a faith in their native land.

The island is a world away from the rest of Italy, not only in a geographical, industrial or political sense, but in the way it distinguishes itself through a distinct culture and lifestyle. 


Traditions are a part of everyday life in Sicily. Many meals, ingredients and habits are inherited from past generations, bombarded by a mixture of invading cultures and an inbuilt connection to the natural environment.

One of the more subtle elements of existing traditions is the observation of certain culinary rites performed during the different seasons.

Sicilian food

Sicily has always been a fertile place, its rich volcanic soil produces abundant vegetation including a mixture of edible plants which grow wild and other’s who have been introduced  and gone onto become staples of traditional Sicilian cuisine.

One of the pleasures of living or visiting Sicily is the simple, fresh seasonal produce and the rustic way it is prepared. 

Come with me to have a taste of Sicily.

The feast so far has featured:

Food Festivals in Sicily

The eternally misunderstood melanzana

Marsala the taste of Sicily

Pasti I Mennula

Eating the Springtime

Smoky roasted Sicilian Artichokes

Springtime Asparagus

The extravagant Tabacchere

Sicilian Summer delicacies: Gelato briosche

 A walk to the fig tree


In Italiano: Cucina Siciliana

C’e’ un vecchio detto Siciliano che dice: ci sono solo due stagioni, il bene e il male.

In un luogo senza vie di mezzo c’e’ solo bene o male e poco fra di loro.

I Siciliani interagiscono con le stagioni, prendendo parte a molti riti stagionali.

La Sicilia conserva molti elementi delle antiche tradizioni ereditate dalla sua lunga e complessa storia. Il suo cibo insieme a gli altri elementi rappresenta una cultura unica.

‘Sicula Cuisine’ esplora il gusto ricco dalla Sicilia, un piatto, un ingrediente, un prodotto alla volta. Ogni stagione ci da un prodotto che riflette l’isola stessa.


Uno dei piacere di vivere o visitare la Sicilia e’ di assaggiare il modo in cui un prodotto di stagione viene preparato. Quando si tratta di cibo in Sicilia non c’e spazio per le pretese, un cuoco deve rispettare i sapori e sara’ il migliore.

Vieni con me ad assaggiare la Sicilia attraverso il meglio che puo’ offrire.

Asparagi di primavera

Carciofi affumicati e arrostiti

Paste di mandorle: un iconico dolce Siciliano

Le stravaganti Tabacchere

Decadenza Estiva

Una passeggiata fina un albero di fico


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