I know it’s silly but I can’t help myself.

I’m still smitten with fashion and so I can’t help myself when I see those cute little pocket sized fashion magazines that are so cheap and juicy. At least I limit myself to the monthly’s.

So this month for a grand total of three euro fifty I get to indulge in my dirty little pleasure, I love it fashion addiction on a budget!

Here are some lovelies for autumn and winter in Italy.

Some adorable vintage mix and match colours. I love the mixture of blacks, grays and blues with more vibrant red in those classy cuts so feminine and flattering.

I usually don’t like florals but they seem to be kept under control by a classic black background, less overpowering that way.

You can’t go wrong with a your little black dress! Even if this little outfit will put you back some twenty thousand euro! But the details are simply gorgeous!!

I enjoy how the world of fashion and art so regularly borrow from one another, great to see this spread on surrealism!!

Twin-set and Penny Black are becoming my standard favourites just look at the wonderful colours and style!

This outfit simply hit me first for that wonderful hat, the combination of fabrics and accessories, it simply works. Don’t you find it to be so French, stylish yet seemingly casual!

And finally my two favourite accessories, bags and shoes. I love these two styles for their 

originality, they tap into my eternal love for all things vintage.

A quick note on handbags, this winter they are big and beautiful the newest trend is the doctor bag!!

Talking in tongues

Sources: Silhouette (September 2012 no.9)

  Myself (Sept. 2012 no.10)

  F. (Sept. 2012 no.13)

Italian Fashion Monthly

I’ve recently discovered Myself magazine, a compact and inexpensive Italian fashion monthly that gives me my dose of ‘purty’ feminine things to look at together with some general lifestyle articles.

  Over the past few years I’ve developed a love of Italian style. I think its fascinating that a country with so much ugliness and frustration can often come up with such posative, creative and above all beautiful creations. I assume that one comes out of adversity thanks to an indelible spirit and creativity.

  Philosophical considerations aside, since I don’t get to do much window shopping these days as I have two year old Mattie in tow I get my browsing done thanks to glossy mags and the odd fashion web page online.

Here’s what has caught my eye for now. Loving these classic summer trends: Gold and weaved bags perfect for beach time.

Sandals brightened up by crystals in what they call shoe jewellery, together with the soft lines of this ancient Greek goddess look (not sure if I’d pull it off myself but the seem so flattering and exotic at the same time.)

Source: Myself magazine no. 8 luglio 2012

Talking in tongues

Don’t tell me what to wear

Ok, this is my final post on fashion and is a summary of my opinion about this subject (for now).


After a period of flicking through fashion magazines I can appreciate the creativity, passion and originality it takes to produce an original clothing line. And I can never totally imagine all of the sacrifice and work that goes on behind the scenes to put it all together, after all we only see the glossy pictures that advertise the end products.


It’s tempting to get lost amongst the big names, but it’s a lot of money to make and buy these products and I question the real moral value of filling your wardrobe with beautiful expensive things.


I was recently watching a reality t.v show on M.T.V where a spoilt rich American girl got everything she wanted including a Fendi fur coat that cost $ 45.000 (US). Now you may think I’m jealous but even if I could afford that I’d seriously feel guilty about spending so much for so little. Money can do many good things but it seems terribly selfish to waste it on clothing.


After following the major fashion mags I can’t help but feeling like they are trying to surreptitiously pressure me into a certain fashion frame of mind. The glossy ads and write ups are all saying to ‘buy me’ if you want to feel fashionable, beautiful, original or any other range of appealing things.


So that’s enough of this fashion thing for now. Stop telling me what to wear already and leave me to my comfy shoes and jeans. I can take care of my own wardrobe which is perfectly respectable without anything designer.


I’ll go even further than this, I challenge everyone to have a wardrobe filled with cute original clothing without any sight of a label, there is no need for designer to be fashionable!


Happiness is not wrapped up in a pair of Prada shoes or Versace bag or Bulgari jewellery, even if they are very purty.




What’s your opinion about the designer world?

Haute Couture


Ok, I know everyone is getting a little tired of my digression into the world of fashion but I’m sure I’ll get tired of it soon, so just bear with me.

I’ve recently enjoyed Vogue Italy’s special September edition dedicated to Haute Couture and Avant Guard design.

Haute Couture is a fancy concept which basically means high fashion that gives designers the freedom to spend as much money as they like and give free reign to their ultimate creative fantasies.

This results in both exquisite gowns and completely bizarre shit that makes you think what the hell?

It’s great fun to see the beautifully creative products of this ridiculously expensive part of the fashion industry.

Get a load of these creations …


                                         (Atelier Versace)


                                     (Chanel Haute Couture)


                             (Gianbattista Valli Haute Couture)


                                     (Giorgio Armani Privè)


                                (Pringle of Scotland)


                                   (Valentino Haute Couture)

Ain’t they just grand?


(All images have been taken from the September 2011 edition of Vogue Italia)

More beautiful clothes for winter

Flicking through the September editions of Italian Marie Claire and Glamour magazine I can’t help but point out some stunning winter looks that I’ve fallen head over heals for. Italians have this fashion thing down pat that’s for sure. And these are actually things that normal gals can fit into!


I’ve always admired Twin-set by Simona Barbieri but their winter collection is beautiful, classy and comfortable. I love their jackets which are always so exceptional. I only wish the prices could be a bit more reasonable. Drool over the collection and do some window shopping at the online store at www.shop.twin-set.it


Made for Loving has an Autumn/Winter collection that looks too comfortable for words, clothing that is inviting to wear while terribly simple and perfect for the winter. Check them out at www.madeforloving.it


Ok so this next one isn’t Italian it’s actually French, but I couldn’t go past the classic taste of Naf Naf Paris. I adore anything vintage and believe the best fashion is what survives through the decades and never really ages. In their current collection there are many pieces that are must haves in any stylish gal’s wardrobe. Simply stunning. www.nafnaf.it


It was love at first sight when I saw this stunning coat from Desigual, the colour, cut and original composition cannot be ignored. www.desigual.com


I’m loving Dolce & Gabbana’s latest experiments with this star motif it is wonderfully original and there is nothing like being attracted by the stars. (the hat is from Paule KA)


Once again I am attracted by this retro 1960’s look this time by gazel. I adore scarves, hats and big bags for the winter so this look is perfect for me. I would only have the skirt down to the knee please, as I don’t have the height for a mini.




Fendi is one of the big names of Italian fashion, they are always elegant without being over the top and their bags are to die for even though they are totally out of most peoples price range. But a girl can dream, hats off to Fendi for making us dream of them. www.fendi.com



Last but not least there is Fabiana Filippi who I’ve only recently stumbled upon her current collection strikes me as typically Italian. This collection is iconic in the sense that they are timeless clothes that your average stylish Italian lady would throw on without a thought to look marvellous while she is doing her shopping. www.fabianafilippi.com



(All images are taken from the September editions of Italian Marie Claire and Glamour magazines.)