Hello,  Rochelle Del Borrello here.

I am an ESL teacher and blogger originally from Australia.

A few years ago I began writing about the difficulties of being an accidental or ‘unwilling expat’ in Sicily but now my life is about accepting and embracing life in Italy.

Sicily is a mysterious place for most, it is filled with darkness, it gets way too much bad press.

I’m trying to paint a more down to earth picture away from the cliche’s.

Sicily Inside and Out is not a light and fluffy tourist magazine, it is about both the beauty and ugliness which exist side by side on this island.

At times things can be dark but my writing always reflects a truthful and ongoing experience.

Please come with me, read along and be open to the exotic nature of Sicily.

no starry eyed expat

After seventeen years of living in Sicily things are less foreign to me and I am in the unique position of being considered a local with the added perspective of an outsider. 

This year I am concentrating on writing and freelance work so my posts will be less regular.

Belvedere, Castell'Umberto looking at Aeolian Islands

I love hearing from my readers so if you have a Sicilian experience to share with me feel free to drop me a line with your idea or let me know what you’d like me to explore for you.

Email me on : sicilyinsideandout@gmail.com

Centro Storico, Taormina

Sicily Inside and Out is currently undergoing renovations so be sure to check in for new pages, articles and photography.

Please note. I am not an employment agency or interpretative service so you will have to use the internet or your closest Italian consulate.