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Sicily Inside & Out is a real mixed bag, a combination of travel writing, personal essay, travel advice, expat diary, culture shock, history, culture, language and creative writing.

All around the central theme of Sicily, Italy and beyond. All filtered through my own brain.

This blog reflects my own eclectic nature, and I hope to spark my beautiful reader’s imagination.

Please do not hesitate to comment, let me know what you think, give me some ideas, ask for some advice or just say hello.

Happy reading and thanks for being an audience I love creating for.

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Guides and advice

How to eat like an Italian
Italian coffee shop culture
Food Festivals in Sicily
10 Feste Patronale in Sicilia
Food and religious festivals in Sicily this August
Sagre and Feste in July
10 of the most spectacular Easter celebrations in Sicily
Novembrando in Sicily
Yuletide Sicily
Without winter there wouldn’t be a summer
How to explore Sicilian towns
Dividing Sicily into bitesize pieces
Sicily’s most intriguing museums
In love with Sicilian Castles
How to peel a fico d’india
Fall in Sicily


Expat experiences

Working for free and the arte di arrangarsi in Italy
The complexity of Italy’s cheating heart
Going home: an expat’s internal conflict
North versus South in Italy: from stereotypes to rampant individualism
A tasteful introduction to Sicilian food. 

Bones and fruit of the dead
Ten ways to tell you’ve been living in Sicily too long
The Sicilian art of the incomplete
A funeral, a wedding and a baptism in Sicily


Creative writing

Italians going to the beach
Reflections on a summer garden
A place of elephants, lions and bears
For a better life: the migrant experience
Sicilian Mountain Lessons
Shifting family trees, Australia and being a foreigner in Sicily
Drawn to Sicily
Caronte & Circe
Coming back to Sicily: contrasting reflections
Not quite a Del Borrello: thoughts on an overgrown family tree


My own personal favourites

The one time I went to Etnaland

The eternally misunderstood melanzana

Mata and Grifone
Marsala the taste of Sicily
Leonforte at the beating heart of Sicily
The Madonna of Tindari
Messina: The city of giants
Randazzo: Under the feet of Mongibello
Syracuse: The Stone Garden of Noto
On the road to Noto
Tongue tied in Italy



This is Sinagra.

Exploring Taormina in five photos: Enjoying the view
Exploring Taormina in five photos: Hiding from tourists
Exploring Taormina in five photos: Duomo
Exploring Taormina in five photos: Bar Etna
Exploring Taormina in five photos: Santa Caterina
The inspiration of Etna