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Hi I’m Rochelle.

Blogging off and on over the last decade, I’ve made many connections with my readers. I’ve answered every question about Sicily, given advice and shared my knowledge.

While I’m on social media, I find myself greeting the same faces, conversing with the regular commenters, checking in on everyone during the pandemic.

It’s a different kind of community that helps me to keep motivated and fills me with joy.

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It’s a one-off donation that I don’t feel guilty accepting, and that isn’t really a big deal. What’s wrong with buying a coffee for a friend every once in a while?

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During the lockdown, my work stopped, I was paralyzed by an initial fear of the unknown at the beginning of the pandemic. But eventually, I shook myself out of the fear by returning to my creativity.

Apart from writing, I also love art, reading and music. So I got out my sketchbook which had been put aside for years and revived my love of self-expression. It was my own personal therapy.

Then I thought why not share some of the things I’ve been making with my blog audience and so I started creating a zine, which is a self-published book or magazine dedicated to my own personal interests to share with a small audience.

I loved the idea of making something small, personal and well crafted for those people who are already reading along with me on my blogs. It was an enthralling process, which I hope to continue regularly.

So one zine, dedicated to my photography in Sicily titled A Sicilian Mosaic soon turned into a second zine dedicated to poetry.

Trinacria poems is a collection of poems written during my time living on the enigmatic Italian island of Sicily. It’s about my own Sicilian heritage and the nature of this ancient place. It is also made up of original collage artwork which has been made using personal family photographs and material gathered over twenty years of living in Sicily.

Both are available as paperbacks on

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