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This year I will be posting much less here on Sicily Inside and Out as Iwant to concentrate on my new writer’s blog rochelledelborrello.blog and my new newsletter from Sicily titled A load off my mind.

I will occasionally write about exciting things to see and do in Sicily. Or perhaps about something in particular about culture and lifestyle in Italy in general.

I want to predominately use this space for any questions or queries you may have about travelling in Sicily or Italy in general.

Just write your questions in the comments below or email me at sicilyinsideandout@gmail.com

And I’ll try to get to one each week.

I am not a travel guide, interpreter or translator, so you will have to ask someone else for these services. 

However, I am someone who has lived in Sicily and Italy for twenty years, so I am an expert in many things to do with Italy. So feel free to send me your questions and queries. I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.

I also am full bottle on the online Italy niche, so I can put you into contact with the right people, even if I might not be able to help personally. Feel free to take advantage of my knowledge. 

Go ahead, ask me anything about Sicily and Italy …

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