Flamboyant Italians: Vladimir Luxuria


Vladimir Luxuria came into the popular Italian mainstream after she was elected into the European Parliament in 2006 as a member of the Communist Refoundation Party.

Luxuria lives her life as a female, and she has not undergone sex-change surgery, she perceives herself to be neither male nor female.

Vladimir has been active in the Gay and Lesbian community as a cabaret performer and activist for many years.

Vladimir Luxuria

After failing to be re-elected in 2008 Luxury participated and won the Italian reality program ‘L’Isola dei Famosi’ (which is a celebrity version of Survivor) she donated the €200,000 prize money to charity.

As a politician, Luxuria was about as useful as Cicciolina, as she had no political experience whatsoever, but she was much more about breaking down barriers, a more subtle political approach.

However, Luxuria loses credibility as she seems to suffer from the desire to be famous. She sits firmly in the Gay Pride movement which is perfectly fine but loses respect with all the reality t.v and cluelessness.

Luxuria would have been more credible if only she could concentrate more on her writing career and not chasing the limelight. Alas, she too has succumbed to the ‘Velina’ dancing girl dream, so many Italian women want.

Stupid publicity stunts like parading loud and proud with her I ❤ Trans t-shirt in Putin’s Russia during the 2014 summer Olympics, nearly got her thrown into prison without achieving much for gay and trans rights.

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    1. I know I have only known these fascinating characters because I live here and have seen them in action. I feeml like an anthropologist some times 😉

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