Sicilian Impressions: Beaches

In the middle of the winter I always get nostalgic about summer and the beach. I have always had a difficult time with Sicilian beaches and their rocky nature, I miss sandy Australian beaches.

I like the sparse rustic nature of the coastline which gives me the sense the beach belongs to me.

I also have an extensive collection of lava rocks and stones.

Sicilian beaches


7 thoughts on “Sicilian Impressions: Beaches

  1. I love Italy but I don’t go there for the beach. I grew up at the Gold Coast right at the beach and nothing compares to that. It is one of the things I miss when I am away from Australia.

    1. Amen to the Debra. You can’t get much better than the gold coast. Sicily is famou for its beaches, as it’s an island, but they are so darn rocky I will never be in love with them. I too miss the sandy glory which is an Ozzie beach 😉

  2. We can’t compare to an Ozzie beach (I’ve been to the Gold Coast, Cairns, Sydney et all on a few occasions) but here on the Isle of Wight in S.E. England we have a 5-mile stretch of golden beach with gently shelving sands for safe bathing. Brilliant for kids and older folk like me who haven’t got much confidence in the waters. We also have pretty good surf here. But for sheer beauty you have to try the West coast of Ireland with its miles and miles of sandy beaches, uninhabited (it’s too cold and wet most times). I know what you mean about Sicily. Love the sun, love the food, love the people, but those rocks and stoney beaches are not for me!

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