To Saint Nicholas

To Saint Nicholas #Christmas

This year I wrote my first letter to Father Christmas together with my five-year old boy and his eyes were filled with such awe, excitement and happiness as he got a response (thanks to my niece).

His response was: ‘Wow, then he really does exist! He replied especially to me!’

My son’s response has made this time of year even more noteworthy to me and I feel enthusiastic about Christmas despite the horrible news items around Italy and recently from Australia.

The innocent heart of my son has reminded me of the blessing which hope brings in our lives, even if at times the world seems lost to violence and fanaticism there needs to be a little faith, that things will get better in the future.

Here is my letter to Santa Claus and everyone who has been reading along this year.

Dear Father Christmas,

As you know every Christmas I am away from my family and friends is always tinged with guilt and melancholy. Even if the blessings of my children and new friends distract me from dwelling on negativity. Such is the life of an expat.

I do not particularly want any gifts for Christmas, I was writing to you to make sure you pass on my love to everyone.

2014 has been wonderful thanks to my blogging, I have had some wonderful surprises during the year and a look forward to more work and discoveries in the new one.

Dearest St Nick I ask you to give everyone I have met this year a warm embrace and thank them for their kind words. As for my wonderfully open and loving family I give them my love as always. For you Santa, I pray everyone remembers Christmas should be about giving of themselves and not giving to others.

I add a special prayer for the world, to all human beings of every possible faith, that everyone will see those around them with love and not hate.

A warm embrace.


9 thoughts on “To Saint Nicholas

    1. A tre tanto, as they say here in Sicily (three folds the same to you). Hope you are enjoying the festive season and thank you for your wonderful comments and for reading along. A warm embrace.


  1. Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year to you. Last Christmas we went to Finland where Santa lives. His home is in Rovaniemi on the edge of the Arctic circle. His has his own post office there and children write to hide from all over the world. Interestingly, a large percentage of the letters come from Italy.


    1. Wow! What a great way to spend Christmas, I think my five year old would literally ‘pee his pants’ if we ever proposed a trip to visit Santa! I hear it’s a beautiful part of the world, I’d love all that snow, we haven’t had a single snowflake this year 😦


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