Dom Alessio is my Zio

It has been a little more than year since I’ve seen my family back home in Australia.


My son Matthias speaks to his grandmother via Skype but he doesn’t really see his Australian relatives much. I am always talking about them and showing him photo’s so he will recognize them. Such is the sin of living far away, Matty needs to memorize his family.


Quite frankly I hate it! But with most things Matthias helps me to see a lighter perspective.


The other day I was listening to a pod cast from Triple J an alternative Australian radio station that is hugely popular.

I was listening to a program called The unearthed five which literally unearths new bands around the country and gives them a chance to get play time on national radio.

I had my iTunes window opened and it had a picture of the host, Dom Alessio while all of a sudden Matthias shouted out:

‘Look it’s Zio Damian!’


In fact putting the image of Matty’s Uncle Damian and Dom Alessio together there is a slight resemblance. 

My handsome talented brother Damian





The talented Dom Alessio



I can see how Matty matched up the beard, haircut, glasses, smile and the flannel shirt look to make the connection.


So dearest Zio Damo you are associated with slim, bearded, thick rimmed glasses, flannel shirted men.


At least Matty is remembering in his own way!


Unwilling Expat