Gone fishing or chiuso per ferie


I must say that I’ve been having loads of fun writing on Unwilling Expat and I’m excited to see that I’m getting some followers. So thank you to everyone who has visited, followed and contacted me!

Now I can truthfully say: ‘I blog therefore I am.’

Assured of my ‘virtual’ existence I can assure everyone I am totally motivated with plenty of ideas for new and exciting posts.

Right now in Sicily and the whole of Italy is in summer holiday mode.

This means I’m going to be thoroughly Italian and shut up shop for the holidays.

It’s time to put up the ‘Gone Fishing’ sign or the Italian equivalent, ‘Chiuso per ferie’.


As of Monday I have people visiting and so I’m going to do my best to go to the beach, travel and give my computer a chance to cool down over the next couple of weeks.

Even if the Anglo-Saxon workaholic inside of me is telling me not to, I’m going to ignore him and listen to the hedonistic italic part of me, who says to stuff it and have a good time.

I promise I’ll be back soon. I’m not to sure how much I can last ignoring that Anglo-Saxon part of me and may even find myself posting.

But for now, happy northern hemisphere summer holiday and see you soon.


Unwilling Expat

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