Ten things I really can’t live without

Blogs are curious things at times they can be professional showing off your writing depth and prowess or they can be deeply personal. I’ve been terribly businesslike on Talking in Tongues lately that I’ve forgotten to show a little more of my personality so I’m going to be totally flippant and do a personalized top ten list just for the hell of it.

So here are ten things off the top of my head that I seriously can’t do without.

1) My computer. 

Yes as with most blogger’s I can’t live without my computer it is filled with all my professional and private life. It’s chockablock with old and new projects, games, pictures and is a virtual expression of myself. I am eternally grateful to my beautiful family for the gift of my new MacBook!!

2) Orchestral music

I’ve always loved the world of classical music and even entertained the notion of becoming an operatic stage director. So this music has always been part of my life but lately I’ve been enjoying the pictures orchestral music paints in my mind and feeling invigorated by it. For now I only have time for the shorter pieces of the likes of Sibelius, Hindemith and Stravinsky but I’m always on the lookout for inspiring sounds.

3) Chocolate

I don’t have a particular sweet tooth but there is something soothing in eating a piece of good quality chocolate. A little dark chocolate, a pocket coffee or a Bacio Paragon can be the perfect pick up on a low energy day.


4) A good book that intrigues me

I am currently overloading my virtual library on my Kindle with books and authors I should have read years ago only I just haven’t gotten around to them. I will always prefer and old fashioned paperback to fondle and doggy ear but there is something exhilarating about carrying around a library in your handbag. My last five downloaded books include Jack Kerouac’s The Subterraneans, Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice, James Salter’s A sport and a Passtime, D H Lawrence’s Sea and Sardegna and The Man who was Thursday by G K Chesterton.



5) A beautiful work of art

I believe visual art is an integral part of life as is any other form of artistic expression. I cannot live without turing the pages in an art book or sharing images on Facebook that remind me of different elements of life, beauty and new ideas. There is something revitalizing about art that I can’t do without.

6) The internet

I’m officially dependent on the internet, I literally can’t get enough of it, from addictive social networks to travel blogs, online journals, newspapers and celebrity gossip. It is so comfortable to have a world of information literally at your fingertips. For a curious person the internet is an intriguing place.

7) Something that makes me feel beautiful

My mother always used to criticise me about being the least vain person on the planet and to a certain extent it is true. I always avoid makeup and do keep my beauty routine to the bare necessities as I find beauty products too excessive and exorbitant. With the passing of time I have mellowed a bit, not because I have suddenly become vain or am fearful of getting old and wrinkly, I’ll always take what life gives me. It’s more a comfort thing, there are some things that I genuinely like and make me feel good or relaxed. So I often consent myself the pleasure of a good facial scrub, a new hair cut, some jewelry, a cute nail nail polish or a pleasant perfume. Feeling beautiful makes me feel good about myself, no sin in that my friends.

8) A movie that takes me to a new place

One thing I defiantly hate about living in Italy and in particular about where I am living is the lack of a cinema and good english language films. English is defiantly the foreign language and so we don’t get to see many Oscar films until they have been dubbed and cut down for the television two years after they have been released in the cinema. Don’t get me started on indie films and documentaries. 

Alas there isn’t much I can do about this. Sniff!

I read screenplays, which is rather a good alternative as I am constantly surprised with the capacity of my imagination.

9) A cuddle with my little boy

Ok so I am probably smothering my son to death, but hey he’s growing up too fast and so I don’t care what anyone says!

10) A conversation with my mum

Sorry to be a little too sentimental but I had to mention the simple pleasure of talking to Mum.

It perks me up to hear her voice and feel connected with home. Love you Mammina 🙂

Talking in Tongues