A fetish for the little black book

I’ve always been a scribbler, I must have filled up hundreds of notebooks with notes, drawings and random thoughts.


I love stationary stores and I’m always buying gorgeous writing paper, leather bound journals, diary’s of all shapes and sizes.


Over the past year though I’ve become obsessed by the little black notebook, particularly the Moleskine variety.


The little black book fits perfectly into a handbag or a coat pocket and can be whipped out whenever an idea or image strikes me.


I have three little black’s going right now. One is my Moleskine from last year which is pretty much finished, then I have a Charlie Brown Peanut’s themed diary which I am using for my new novella writing project and finally a simple bird cover for random daily notes. I’ve limited myself well as I usually have many books going at the same time.

I love blank pages, the feel of the high quality cream colored pages in between my fingers. The beautiful pages of Moleskines come alive with black felt tip pen scribbling on them, it makes me feel terribly writerly like Proust scrawling notes all over the place (I doubt he would have been limited to the small version like I am though!)

Above all I adore the anonymity of the little black book, nobody knows what you are doing, it could be a simple diary or sketch book, it’s up to me to transform it into what ever I want it to be.


I could be a secret agent or a biting satirist whatever my imagination beholds in a particular moment. Simply remarkable!

Talking in tongues