An extended Easter celebration

Here in the small town of Sinagra the Easter holiday is stretched out over another day as Easter Monday there is a small Festa dedicated to the saintly patron of the town Saint Leo which moves the day of the ‘Pasquetta’ picnic holiday to the next day still.


So ‘viva!’ to Santo Leo for giving us an extra day to celebrate the beauty of the beginning of spring and the joy the church gives to the resurrection of Christ.


The Festa gives us open air markets along the main street of this usually sleepy town which comes to life with music, crafts, clothes, shoes, general haberdashery and the traditional confectionary vendors that are so common to Sicily. 


Once the Festa was an occasion to buy products that were rarely seen in these small towns but now Sicilians are now spoilt with weekly markets every day of the week in nearby towns and large shopping centre malls who are opened twenty-four seven which means there is nothing that isn’t regularly available.


What I love about this Festa is the church service dedicated to St Leo, the procession of the saint’s statue around the town complete with the local brass band playing behind him and the obligatory ‘passegiata’ through the markets.



The 8th of May is the next time we will see St Leo walking the streets in Sinagra and I’ve promised myself the luxury of dusting off my camera and sharing it with you.


Until May I have these old images from a former Festa to give you an idea about our dearest St Leo. 



Unwilling Expat