My favourite book to read when I’m feeling homesick


One of my favourite Australian books of all time is Carolyn Polizzotto’s Pomegranate Season published by the Fremantle Arts Centre Press.

Pomegranate Season was probably the first book I packed with me when I moved overseas as I was sure it would remind of home thanks to its ability to evoke the changing seasons of the year in my native hometown of Perth, Western Australia.

Carolyn, whom I feel I am on a first name basis, keeps a loving diary which details the passing of the seasons in her house and backyard filled with the flora and fauna of this beautiful part of the earth.

The season’s are so intimate I can imagine myself in her garden sharing in the glow of the natural light and shifts which are also linked to her personal emotions in regards to her own son who was born with a handicap.

To quote the books jacket cover: ‘Combining personal reminiscence, detailed observation, meditation and lyrical description, Carolyn Polizzotto’s P.S is moving and enlightening.’

It warms my at times cold home-sickened soul.

Unwilling Expat

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