Why so many people voted for Beppe Grillo



 Well the Italian elections are over but things here in Italy aren’t getting any better, the political scene is ever more unstable.

Results are still unclear, with the centre left having a small majority in the lower house while the upper house divided between the centre left (Bersani’s PD), centre right (Berlusconi’s PDL) and the new Movimento Cinque Stelle (Beppe Grillo). The result has been deemed nearly impossible to form a government, one can imagine what wheeling and dealing that is going on behind the scenes to form a decent government.

The reality is some sort of caretaker government will be formed to push through electoral reforms and a vote will be held again in the near future.

A big winner in this election was Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement which politically speaking is practically a new born, after only three years since it’s birth it has tapped into the Italian population’s anger and building anti-politic. Italian’s voted for Grillo because they were sick of the corruption, disillusioned by high unemployment and strangled by endless tax.

Grillo’s party is based on the central belief that all of the current Italian politicians have to removed from the political world, all of the corruption has to be revealed to the public and everything has to begin anew with a young generation determined to keep transparency and renew the Italian identity by concentrating on giving jobs to Italians by renewing what has gone into decay over the post war period (everything from Italian agriculture, typical products, the engineering industry, textiles, energy production and small business).

Grillo has always declared that he will never compromise with other parties and no coalitions will be formed, as drastic revolutionary reform is needed. No one is sure how Grillo’s Movement considers to exactly do this as this is his first national election.

The Movimento Cinque Stelle did well in the last Sicilian elections where they have successfully cut political salaries taking only a small wage and putting all of the rest into a fund to support new business on the island.

No one knows what Grillo’s plans are for Italy.

The next few months will hold many surprises I’m sure.

Unwilling Expat