A quick note about Elections in Sicily



The political scene here in Sicily is getting creepier and creepier.




The new governor of Sicily is Crocetta, an openly gay man who has crept up the ranks of the leftist PD party who triumphed in an election with a very low voter turn out.


With a miserable 42% of people voting it is difficult to see this election as a real indicator of popular dictate.


In a predominately staunch conservative society I find it hard to see how this outcome as indicative of a sweeping change in the anti- liberal culture of this ancient island of Italy.


The new ‘movement a cinque stelle’ (Five star movement) of Italian satirist Grillo the real dark horse of the election has also picked up a good section of the vote his candidate for governor Canceliere arriving third after the right wing Muselmeci.



                                                (Grillo and his candidate)


Surprising times here in Sicily. Lord knows what lies ahead for us …


Unwilling expat