Enough of this Scirocco already

We are at the beginning of October, which should be a time of cool mornings, blankets on the beds, long sleeves on and summer t shirts put away in storage but thanks to nearly two weeks of Scirocco hot winds we are still sweltering away.


I was sad to see summer go when the temperature began to drop until the Scirocco reared his head. Now I am simply tired out of the heat and weighed down by a strange allergy to the smoke, dust brought by the wind and the bush fires it has helped to keep burning.


This windy monster Scirocco (from the Arab shurhùq) is a hot south east wind which makes its way around Europe coming up from the deserts of Syria. The same wind is known as Jugo in Croatia, Ghibli in Lybia and when it reaches the French coast it becomes more humid and assumes the name of Marin.


The Scirocco dries out the air and takes up the dust from the coast of North Africa, creating storms through the Mediterranean and hot humid weather over Europe. This wind will blow relentlessly for anything from half a day or even several.


Many people attribute negative aspects on peoples heath or live life thanks to the humid heat and the dust brought from the coast of Africa. The dirt can damage mechanical engines and wares away buildings.


The Scirocco filled days along the coast of Liguria creates hot and humid days even in the middle of winter. The uninterrupted Scirocco combined with the raising sea levels is one of the causes of the high waters in Venice.  


So heaven help us here in Sicily for some reason the Scirocco refuses to let go of the reigns and we are at his mercy. I’m saying a prayer to the god of the winds to please give us a break here. Enough with this Scirocco, it’s making us sick!


The Unwilling Expat