A Sicilian wedding (Part 3): The big day


Phew what a long day! I had to get up at five am in the morning to dash off to the crowded hairdressers together with my sister in law and two nieces. So I had to leave my son Mattie with his Dad which doesn’t happen that often. Later on in the morning I got a teary phone call with Mattie calling out ‘Mummy, mummy, where are you?’ on the other side.


It took most of the morning waiting around to get my hair and make up done, not particularly to my pleasure, I think it’s best to take care of these myself like I’ve always done, perhaps spend the money on some new make up or a fancy hair clip to pep up my locks. Anyway I guess it’s all part of the experience.


Then it was time for a quick change into my elegant toggs, Mattie and Daddy were into their suits and it was off to the church. I got a good seat as my sister in law was doing a reading so I was up the front near the organist which also offered my the ideal quick silent escape from a side door when Mattie didn’t want to stay still towards the end of the ceremony.


The bride had a gorgeous dress as most brides do, the groom was nervous but when they were done they were both smiling from ear to ear, it had been a long time since I’d seen such a happy couple.


The newly weds 8th September 2012 Sinagra Messina


Having snuck out earlier it gave me a chance to observe the fashion stakes, standard little black dresses and the current fad featured heavily. The current big trend is the puffy balloon dress literally called the palloncino skirt which is quite big with young girls. A lot of showy gowns which is usual, as at Sicilian weddings one is expected to put on a show!

Here is the balloon dress!


After the wedding ceremony guests wait for the newly weds at the local villa or park as they take photos around the town ending up with their guests for a few more pics and then the parade of horn blowing cars through the town and finally off to the restaurant for lunch.




Now Sicilian weddings are kind of simple in regards to formalities no speeches or dancing just a lunch, wedding cake and distribution of a bonboniere gift for each family. The only thing that isn’t simple is the food, which included aparativo, antipasto, two pasta dishes, two mains, fruit then cake and coffee.


This particular wedding feast was relatively frugal compared to others as there was no seafood, only one choice of wine and a simple menu choice (I once went to a wedding with four pasta dishes, four mains all seafood!) Thank god I say as an afternoon shoveling all kinds of seafood down your mouth and washing it all down with red and white wine is a recipe for disaster for your digestive system, not to mention your waistline!!


Unfortunately this choice of menu will be seen as a fault and the bride and groom will be criticized for this, because eating seafood is about status, sad but true!


I didn’t scrub up too badly!


But on the whole I had a good time, Matty ran amuck for most of the day and we had beautiful weather for it, what else could I ask for?




The unwilling expat