I know it’s silly but I can’t help myself.

I’m still smitten with fashion and so I can’t help myself when I see those cute little pocket sized fashion magazines that are so cheap and juicy. At least I limit myself to the monthly’s.

So this month for a grand total of three euro fifty I get to indulge in my dirty little pleasure, I love it fashion addiction on a budget!

Here are some lovelies for autumn and winter in Italy.

Some adorable vintage mix and match colours. I love the mixture of blacks, grays and blues with more vibrant red in those classy cuts so feminine and flattering.

I usually don’t like florals but they seem to be kept under control by a classic black background, less overpowering that way.

You can’t go wrong with a your little black dress! Even if this little outfit will put you back some twenty thousand euro! But the details are simply gorgeous!!

I enjoy how the world of fashion and art so regularly borrow from one another, great to see this spread on surrealism!!

Twin-set and Penny Black are becoming my standard favourites just look at the wonderful colours and style!

This outfit simply hit me first for that wonderful hat, the combination of fabrics and accessories, it simply works. Don’t you find it to be so French, stylish yet seemingly casual!

And finally my two favourite accessories, bags and shoes. I love these two styles for their 

originality, they tap into my eternal love for all things vintage.

A quick note on handbags, this winter they are big and beautiful the newest trend is the doctor bag!!

Talking in tongues

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