Duck season or wrabbit season

Duck season or wrabbit season


It’s that silly season here in Sicily. Yes as of the 1st of September the hunting season begins.

That’s when a good percentage of the Sicilian male population becomes victim to that old repressed Neanderthal instinct to go out into the wild and hunt and do other savage male rites like: swearing, climbing things, exploring unknown remote areas, shooting off their phallic shot guns, track for kilometers, camp out, rough it- all for fun and games because lets face it we don’t need to eat stinking rabbit meat to or tick infested hides for clothing.


Needless to say I’m not very enlightened by the sport of hunting, I find it antiquated and silly. But as these hunters say I will never understand as I’ve never been and I suppose because I’m not male … poor me ?!?!


So watch out rabbits of Sicily, head for the hills as those looney hunters are a comin’ to get you.


The unwilling expat