A Sicilian wedding (Part2): The frock




The most important part of being a wedding guest in small town Sicily is the way you frock up. Hair, make up, dress, shoes and accessories are all under scrutiny.


The whole town will drop whatever they are doing to watch the bride and her guests filing out of the church on the wedding day. So the even is about being observed right!?!


So here’s the run down girls, it’s strictly a formal occasion, so no slacks or flatties allowed. My twenty something old niece Victoria is probably the most enthusiastic of us all when it comes to preparations. 


I don’t mind dressing up but I don’t go out of my way to impress, as I can’t be bothered really, it’s tiring and besides I don’t really care what others think, I dress to please myself.


Vicky on the other hand has a real passion for it, she has been doing make up trials for weeks and has been on the look out for a perfect dress, even if she still hasn’t found it she knows what she wants. She’s looking for a romantic thing which is short at the front with a little flourishing trail at the back with a corset bodice. She is usually a bit of a tom boy but this goes out of the window when there is a special occasion on the horizon.


The year Vicky turned eighteen she had fun preparing new looks for all the eighteenth birthday parties during the year and this wedding is destined to be a fab one too! She can’t wait.


I’m already tired out at the thought! Lord help me.


Stay tuned for the third and final episode after the 8th of September.


The unwilling expat 


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