What an eerie moon


One night recently I was having a sleepless night, thanks to the mozzies and the humidity so I gave up tossing and turning in bed and went out onto the balcony to star gaze and get some fresh air.

It was a terribly misty night, hot and sticky with the hint of a cool breeze but above all there was this really eerie moon in the sky. It struck me so much that I took my camera out and tried to capture it, despite my woeful night photography I think you can get a sense of how unsettled my night was by the misty way the moon was shining that night.


After a good stretch on the balcony watching cars streak up and down the roads across the way from us I went back to bed with my ipod fastened to my ears and eventually fell asleep. I was awoken later on in the night towards the early morning to the shattering noise of a heavy 

down pouring of rain. I mean it really bucketed down for a good five minutes, then nothing. 


In the morning there was no signs of the rain and the eerie moon haunted me for a while until the daytime made me forget too. 


Unwilling expat.