A Sicilian Wedding (part 1): The gifts




After nearly a decade of living in deep dark Sicily I’ve been to countless weddings and other such grand social events. I say they are grand occasions because of all the dressing up, making up, spending up big and eating bigger still involved.


Weddings, baptisms, confirmations, communions and eighteenth birthdays are all excessive expressions of the Sicilians desire to live it up big.


I have a wedding coming up on the eighth of September, it’s been three years since my last one and I am already beginning to sweat at the prospect of it. 


Phase one of the preparations has begun with the buying and giving of the gift. Now a wedding gift is serious business, as the presents are put on public display as the bride and groom accept gift at their respective homes where an exhibition table is set up, the gifts unwrapped and gazed at by all guests. And so the spectacle begins.


What’s on the table? I hear you ask. Well a little bit of everything really from flat screen t.v’s, crystal vases, glasses of every form possible, sets of cutlery, plates, silver vases, all kinds of white goods from steam irons, dishwashers, mixers, fridges, furniture, all things for a new house, even though these last few didn’t fit on the table! 


After forking out two hundred and fifty euro I’m thinking this bloody wedding better be worth it! A terrible thought I know but excesses are tainted with regret. I’m not an excessive person and so when it comes to such exaggeration it makes me get on my high horse.


I remember when I was first married, even though the wedding happened in Australia we found gifts for us on our return just the same. I had my hew house decked out with a new kitchen, lounge room furniture, dining table and chairs. Then there were three sets of chinaware, three sets of wine glasses, three tea sets, two sets of cutlery and a partridge in a pear tree!

Weddings are serious businesses!

Stay tuned for the next episode.


The unwilling expat  

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