Italian Fashion Monthly

I’ve recently discovered Myself magazine, a compact and inexpensive Italian fashion monthly that gives me my dose of ‘purty’ feminine things to look at together with some general lifestyle articles.

  Over the past few years I’ve developed a love of Italian style. I think its fascinating that a country with so much ugliness and frustration can often come up with such posative, creative and above all beautiful creations. I assume that one comes out of adversity thanks to an indelible spirit and creativity.

  Philosophical considerations aside, since I don’t get to do much window shopping these days as I have two year old Mattie in tow I get my browsing done thanks to glossy mags and the odd fashion web page online.

Here’s what has caught my eye for now. Loving these classic summer trends: Gold and weaved bags perfect for beach time.

Sandals brightened up by crystals in what they call shoe jewellery, together with the soft lines of this ancient Greek goddess look (not sure if I’d pull it off myself but the seem so flattering and exotic at the same time.)

Source: Myself magazine no. 8 luglio 2012

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