The guilt of wanting to go back to work

Can someone please tell me how not to feel guilty about wanting to go back to work after nearly three years of bringing up my son.  

Ok I think I may be addicted to spending time with the little fella and hey why shouldn’t I make the most of him, I’ve been through a lot to have him and he’s growing up really quickly.  

But, I’m craving adult life, contacts, being professional and basically everything else about having a real life beyond being a mother. It’s not about the money, it’s more about feeling connected to the outside world.  

I recently sent off a C.V for a teaching position which is quite faraway from home, which means travelling and I immediately felt guilty as if I’d somehow be depriving my son of something vital without any exceptional reason.

I’m thinking there’s no need to jump in. I’m looking for something part time or perhaps working at home. I’m gong to miss my son too much.

I also think these early years can be so valuable, I simply want to be here with him to teach him as much as I possibly can.  

Am I obsessing do you think?

Talking in tongues.