Dazed and confused


I’m still feeling a little dazed and confused after a whirlwind trip back home to Perth, Western Australia packed with many ups and downs. Including the baptism of my child, unexpected funerals, changes of flights, peacemaking, too many coronas and chinese food, quick catch ups over strong red wine, bonding with grandmother and torturous goodbyes. Basically everything is a blur of alcohol, binge eating and high emotion.

Needless to say I’m hell tired of long haul flights, packing my life into a suitcase and airports (especially Rome airport- Fiumicino which is synonymous with cancelled flight, delays and standing around as there are like three benches to sit on.)

To top it off we’ve gone from a mild Australian winter with its windy rain filled days to a scorching Sicilian summer which is filled with heat, humidity and perspiration.

I hope I can find my bearings soon despite the shock to the system.   


The unwilling expat.