Bitter Sweet

Every trip back home to Australia is so soul reviving for me. I emerge myself in family, friends,

fine food, wine and the freedom one feels when they are home.


It’s never been a secrete to anyone that Italy has never become my home,

despite ten years of to-ing and frow-ing. It’s a difficult enough place to live in,

even Italians find it stressful and stifling, yet they are able to make things work

in quite a hedonistic, living day by day kind of way.


Now that I’m back in small town Sicily, I have come to the epiphany

that my time here isn’t forever and as Paulo Cohleo says ‘destiny is

conspiring to give me what I truly desire.’


This bitter sweet visit home has given this unwilling expat the realisation

that her time here is coming to an end and so I need to document my experiences.


So bring on the hedonism and let me enjoy this moment.


The unwilling expat.