Sad homecoming

To fill you in.

I am home in Australia, having the saddest homecoming imaginable.

Not ‘Homecoming’ in the American sense, but rather the ‘coming back home from

being away for one hell of a long time’ sense.

I had so many things to see and do so many people to catch up with but 

now that my time is coming to an end I cannot but help feeling disappointed.

Disappointed that I haven’t been able to see all of my friends and above all

disappointed at myself for going away from home.

Ah I’m sure I’ll look back at this visit with happiness that I was for my family for

a couple of months but every visit seems to filled with evermore bitterness and

a sadly dwindling amount of family and friends.

How depressing, hummm need some rest and to find a positive aspect to my time

here in Oz.

Here’s to looking at the positive.

Talking in tongues