Top five famous folk I used to fancy

This ones from the wonderful blog Kate takes 5 (


Marlon Brando

I’ve always loved classic black and white films and Maron Brando is the star of one of the best ever namely The wild one a film that hasn’t aged well but it makes you fall in love with its rebellious star. Still like Brando but it was a bit of an obsession in my youth.


Charles Dance

Charles Dance introduced me to The Phantom of the opera when he played the lead in the 1990 movie of the same title. And so the musical theatre and French phase of my obsession began. It was a wonderfully romantic version which was perfect bait for a teenage girl like me. Even though without the mask Charles Dance isn’t that much to look at but he has always been considered the intellectual woman’s (or man’s) sex symbol.



Kirk Cameron

This is a typical late 80’s early 90’s teen magazine crush material. Dear Kirk was like an older Dennis the Menace in a long running t.v series titled Growing Pains which we all loved and so it was natural to expect Kirk’s poster to be stuck up on the wall. But like all teen crushes, it grows up, fades away, gets married, has kids and becomes an executive producer.




Ralph Macchio

What can I say? I was a huge fan of the Karate Kid films. And Ralph was the cute athletic type with a hint of rebellion (is there a trend going on here I wonder?)


Johnny Depp

Now here is an exception to the teen crush rule. I fell in love with Johnny when he was a part of the cool young t.v cop show 21 Jump street. But he resisted the fate of the standard 80’s sitcom star and went on to become a hot Hollywood star. Good on you Johnny! We’re proud of you.