Top five albums I’m never tired of listening to

OK Computer: Radiohead

This album rocked my world when I first bought it way back when I was at university and seeing them play live simply reinforced their originality and modern angst sound. Thom York’s voice is so ephemeral, expressive and melancholic that I fell in love with it immediately. Their first two albums were way too commercial for me (as I usually shun anything that is too popular as it takes the unique quality away from the artist for me) but this one was so original and experimental that I couldn’t ignore it. What I like most about OK Computer is how it reflects the usual malaise that accompanies the beginning of a new century something dark, uncertain and intriguing at the same time.



Echolalia: Something for Kate

I remember this album came out in 2001, the year of the S11 terrorist attack on the twin towers and in fact the song Monsters is defiantly written as a reaction to this. I love this album thanks to the wonderful vocal and lyrical expression that is Paul Dempsey. This Australian band is filled with intelligence, emotion and pure talent. I simply love them to death.



Stolen Apples: Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly is an amazing Australian storyteller with an astounding ability to tell tales that touch the heart. He is a much loved performer who simply gets better through time. His sound is part country, folk, spoken word and a sprinkle of rock with a definite ozzie twang to his voice. Perhaps its my home sickness for Australia that makes me like him so much but there is something special about his down to earth voice, cheeky humour and irreverent point of view that makes him irresistible.






Post: Bjork

Bjork is an important part of my youth as she was the most unique voice that I had ever heard and so it’s been a love affair since then. She lives in her own universe with her whispery pixie voice. She is part artist and Icelandic princess an intriguing combination of elements and sounds that are simply magical. Even though at times she can get a little bizarre I feel compelled to follow her musical journey. Bjork is simply astounding.






Demon Days: Gorillaz

The concept of Gorillaz was hard to ignore, the first virtual band that lived within their own post apocalyptical cartoon world. A super band project made up of wonderfully talented people who produced a hybrid blend of music that combines every different element of contemporary music together to create a totally unique sound. From rock, classical violins, cellos, children’s choirs, spoken voice, electronic, dance, urban, rap, you can find many different elements in this wonderful concept album.



What are your favourites?

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