Don’t tell me what to wear

Ok, this is my final post on fashion and is a summary of my opinion about this subject (for now).


After a period of flicking through fashion magazines I can appreciate the creativity, passion and originality it takes to produce an original clothing line. And I can never totally imagine all of the sacrifice and work that goes on behind the scenes to put it all together, after all we only see the glossy pictures that advertise the end products.


It’s tempting to get lost amongst the big names, but it’s a lot of money to make and buy these products and I question the real moral value of filling your wardrobe with beautiful expensive things.


I was recently watching a reality t.v show on M.T.V where a spoilt rich American girl got everything she wanted including a Fendi fur coat that cost $ 45.000 (US). Now you may think I’m jealous but even if I could afford that I’d seriously feel guilty about spending so much for so little. Money can do many good things but it seems terribly selfish to waste it on clothing.


After following the major fashion mags I can’t help but feeling like they are trying to surreptitiously pressure me into a certain fashion frame of mind. The glossy ads and write ups are all saying to ‘buy me’ if you want to feel fashionable, beautiful, original or any other range of appealing things.


So that’s enough of this fashion thing for now. Stop telling me what to wear already and leave me to my comfy shoes and jeans. I can take care of my own wardrobe which is perfectly respectable without anything designer.


I’ll go even further than this, I challenge everyone to have a wardrobe filled with cute original clothing without any sight of a label, there is no need for designer to be fashionable!


Happiness is not wrapped up in a pair of Prada shoes or Versace bag or Bulgari jewellery, even if they are very purty.




What’s your opinion about the designer world?