10 Places I’d love to visit

(Big Ben and the houses of Parliment)

1. London for: the theatre, literature, free museums and galleries, the history, markets, shopping, bookstores, tea, contemporary art, fashion, live contemporary music, opera companies, universities, architecture, libraries, double-decker buses, the west end etc. With excursions to the Lake District, Oxford, Cambridge and Canterbury please!

2. Paris for: the culture, museums, art, to do a French course, the literature, the Paris Opera house, food, cafes, fashion, wine, beauty and beautiful things, cinema etc. With a visit to the seaside town of La Rochelle please!

3. Barcelona: One word Gaudi!! (Architecture). I have to see the works of this spectacular artist that fill the city with immense originality and Spanish colour.

4. New York for: the theatre, history, energy, universities, energy, publishing houses, opportunity, multiculturalism, food and to say that I’ve visited!


5. Venice Beach, California: a beautiful beach filled with character from the locals to the landscape and architecture. There is a wonderful sense of freedom and I love the beach culture.

6. Moscow for: its history, artistry, architecture, folk culture, music, colours, tastes, the east meets west culture, Puskin, fashion and all out intrigue I’ve always had for this part of the world.

7. Hong Kong for: the eastern culture, its energy, history, beauty, Asian food, to ride on a Junk, to go to the markets and maybe do a course in Mandarin.

8. India to dive into Hinduism, Buddhism, temples and religious rites, to see its colours, eat curry, experience its fashion, literature, history, markets, jewellery and costumes.

9. Morocco (the city of Fez) to witness its textile industry, the bazaar markets, spices, smells, explore a little of its history and to just get lost in its streets (preferably without getting robbed!?!)

10) Greece: I’d love to explore the islands to see if it really is as beautiful as it is depicted, witness some living history and take a slice out of the Greeks way of life as they really know how to make the most of life.

What’s your bucket list list?

Unwilling Expat

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