Contemplating Fashion

I had a very good response to my posts about fashion and thought I’d re-visit the topic as I’ve always enjoyed looking through fashion magazines.

I used to be addicted to reading newspapers online but lately I’m enjoying a renewed interest in all things glossy and purty.

To be honest I used to think the world of fashion was designed to make money by convincing people that they will be happy buying expensive objects that they don’t really need.

It seems I’ve mellowed over time and I don’t think fashion is really that diabolic but it can also be more about creativity and beauty like art.

Art and fashion have many things in common such as the ability to make us remember what is beautiful in this world. Fashions ability to create an individual expression through creativity I think genuinely makes people feel happy by expressing their own individual sense of self.

But fashion remains driven by the dollar, yes art too is bought and sold but most artists don’t make a cent, while how many professional designers are dying of hunger?

So attracted like a moth to the flame I continue to admire fashion, after all there’s no harm in looking I’m sure I’m not going to corrupt my soul while picking and choosing things that appeal to me.

So it’s fine to flick through some mags together.


What’s your take on fashion?