Sicilian Summer delicacies: Gelato briosche

Sicily is filled with many culinary delicacies throughout the year, but it seems to outdo itself for the summer holidays when everyone is out to have a good time and forget their diets. There are the usual pastries and the cliché gelato ice creams but there are a couple lesser known favourites that I’d like to share as I’ve become quite fond of them.


The first is the humble granita ice flavoured drink, which is offered in a variety of flavours including lemon, strawberry, coffee, chocolate, almond, berry, peach etc (the choice is limitless, depending on the imagination of you local café bar owner). To be clear this isn’t simply shaved ice flavoured with artificial syrup, rather made from fresh ingredients which are transformed into this icy piece of heaven.



In my opinion the most irresistible temptation for a summer breakfast packed with tonnes of, ‘ruin your diet,’ calories but, ‘really who the hell cares about that,’ taste is the coffee granita. For lovers of coffee, this is the ultimate iced coffee, be sure to order it with a thick layer of fresh cream and a giant sweet bread briosche roll to dip into it as you mix the cream into this exquisite creation.


For those who aren’t a fan of coffee try strawberry with fresh cream, when you mix it all together it is like literally eating strawberry and cream. Or if you have something against fresh cream and sweet bread try ordering lemon and strawberry swirled together for a refreshing break to summertime thirst.


Secondly but by no means inferior to the granite is the ice cream filled sweet bread roll (or briosche). Yes my friends you heard right a mega dose of ice cream inside a bread roll for a hamburger with a difference!


This is defiantly not for the fain hearted and I suggest you skip breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on what part of the day you are planning to eat it. Don’t for example eat it after a big continental breakfast or a usual two course Italian meal because you will end up feeling very ill indeed.

It may seem like a weird thing to eat but believe me you will be tempted by a generous filling of two of your favourite ice cream flavours which will be complimented by the texture of the extra soft pastry as you devour it.

Try it and you’ll understand what I mean.