10 things to love about having a toddler

1. I like ironing toddler baby clothes they are mini-adult size, easier to iron and I adore tracing the lines and dimensions of my fast growing little boy.


2. I love having toys sprawled around the house, it is the natural sign that there is a baby in the house. It makes me happy to see Matthias’ tracks around the place and his games make me feel like a kid too.


3. I adore breastfeeding, the suckling warmth of a baby’s embrace as he gradually goes off to sleep caressing my face, side and breast.


4. I can’t get enough of the way a toddler looks at you, wanting you to play, his laughter is like celestial music and his eyes are filled with pure love. It’s an innocence that is heart warming and fills me to the brim.


5. I am in love with Matthias’ sleep, sometimes it’s blissful filled with smiles, other times he seems drunk with happiness and other times he is so exhausted from his daytime activities he sleeps so soundly as if he is at peace with himself and the world.


6. I find my toddler’s innocence irresistible and thank God he is protected from those who may want to corrupt him.


7. I love how he hasn’t quite mastered how to kiss his Mummy. He puckers up and smacks his lips together to make the kissing noise but he misses the target, kissing in mid-air. I suppose it’s the thought that counts.


8. I think it’s cute how he doesn’t realise he has to sleep. I have to teach him to rest otherwise he will play, run and jump until he drops. I gently remind him he is tired, pick him up in my arms to relax him and he sleeps.


9. I think it’s wonderful how he craves my attention and misses me if we are apart. My heart leaps for joy when his warm baby hands tug at mine or when they tap at my cheek to get my attention and those random hugs!!


10. I am so honoured at the thought that every night when I go to bed I am grateful that Matthias is in the world.




 Tell me what you think?