I still call Australia home

(My little piece of home in the Swan Valley outside of Perth, Western Australia)

Moving overseas away from home is without a doubt the most challenging thing you can do in your life, especially if it involves going to a place with a completely different culture and language. Don’t think that because I’ve moved to Italy and I have Italian parents it means I automatically took to living here.

I am very much a free spirited Ozzie chick who still finds it difficult to adjust to living life in small minded- small town Sicily.

(The towering gum trees back in Perth, W.A (Houghten’s winery out in the Swan Valley to be precise)


I miss my friends and family to death and I defiantly consider Australia my true home. Everyday is a challenge, I’m often puzzled at the way people think but it’s one hell of a journey!

It’s a little cliché but I really still call Australia home!





What’s your idea of home?