Excuse me please …

Hubby and I out for a summer lunch, check out the backdrop!

Ah, um excuse me but blogging is new to me. I’ve been living too long in ‘planet Sicily’  I’ve forgotten about the outside world and the internet. It’s kind of like living in a monastery but with good food, wine and sex. Life here is stripped back to basics not for the lack of trying, it’s just the way it is.


Sicily, Italy is an isolated island, composed of endless small towns, all terribly self-absorbed in their own communities and in the humdrum of their everyday existence, that they often forget anything else outside of themselves exist. This place is conducive to forgetfulness, it’s a sleepy, decadent and ancient place immersed in superstitions.



Our sleepy little Sicilian town Sinagra in the province of Messina.

 Hence the desperate need for this blog. I want to reconnect with everything and everyone that I’ve lost touch with over the topsy turvy decade I’ve uprooted myself to live here in Sicily. It’s been an unexpected journey that has changed me a lot but I like to think I am always the same idealistic young thing who likes to write poetry and daggy dance around the lounge room.

 I think a good place to start is with myself. In the interest of putting my heart and soul into blogging I’ve decided to reveal some lesser known parts of me. I don’t mean anything pornographic just random things about me so you can know me better.